Total Tayangan Halaman

Kamis, 20 Januari 2011


Contra Group :
For students :
1.    now days, there are many channels which show the educational materials. It is proven by, we can watch at TV E or TVRI. There, there are some educational material, such as physic, biology, mathematic, english, astronomy, and other knowladge. It makes the student study more effectively because, they just stay in front of tv. As we know, that there are some students don’t like to read the book. But, tv provide any educational program and added by interesting animation. So, the student will study happly and unbore.
For Society :
2.    we can get some information from tv, just like a news. There are some channel wihich spesifically for news. Like, metro tv, tv one, and others. From that, we may now what happend in now days. For example, a live news of earthquake in sumatra, tsunami in aceh, and landslide in several country.
For General :
1.    some channels also can be a refreshing program, just like watching cartoon. After do many activities, they will get tired and need refreshing. They can watch funny cartoon like tom and jerry, spongebob, donald duck, etc.
2.    now days, as we know that tv channels also make so many opportunities of tallent. Just like mamamia contest wich searching the singer, IMB for searching everything tallents, n so on.
3.    advertisement.